Parvaz TV established in 1999 is a production company with wide range of services for Government organizations, none profit organizations, small businesses, corporate, schools, universities & private customers. Parvaz TV is a production company with wide range of services,we are producing TV programs on local and international channels, we are also producing Film and documentaries.
We are working closely with Government organizations, none profit organizations,small businesses,corporates,schools, universities & private customers.The President / Founder of Parvaz TV , Mr. Majid Mahichi has over 30 years of experience producing and directing educational and entertaining films, movies and music videos in Iran and Canada.
 17 years of experience in Canada, mostly British Columbia, contained films and clips, programs for families and kids, educational musical programs and music videos.
Parvaz TV has continued to grow serving professional community members such as doctors, lawyers, police officers, and non-profit organizations.

Hours & airtimes for our programs are:

Vancouver Airtime(s): Wednesday 9:00am Sunday 8:30am 
Calgary Airtime(s): Wednesday 10:00am Sunday 9:30am

Vancouver Airtime(s): Friday 10:30am Sunday 9:00am 
Calgary Airtime(s): Friday 11:30am Sunday 10:00am

Vancouver Nights:
Vancouver Airtime(s): Wednesday 8:00pm Friday 10:00am 
Calgary Airtime(s): Wednesday 9:00pm Friday 11:00am 

On Shaw Multicultural Channel:

Our production includes:

   TV programs On Shaw multicultural channel & Shaw Cable(116 & 4)
   Producing short film, Documentaries,Series and Feature film 
   Educational programs for other communities & voice over
   Educational programs for universities
   TV advertisements
   Professional Photography
   Events & Seminars
   DVD duplication
   24/7 TV Show

Since 1999

TV Shows